Layer heights not commensurate with GCode

Hi All
I am borrowing a trinityxl and using it via network. I slice my model in Simplify3d and layer height is set at 0.25. A 500mm high model sliced at that res yields 2000 layers...which is confirmed in S3D...however when I upload to rep server on the printer (rep pro 0.80.3), it reports 7997 layers...this is 0.25 of 0.25. The result resolution is ultra fine. The models upload eg to smoothie on another machine print in correct resolution. Is there something simple I am missing here?


  • Server has own rules to count layers that might not match s3d rules as it only analyses the gcode. So if you have z hopping for position switches that might count as layer switch. If you analyse the layers in server you should see that same height has 3-4 parts. So you can ignore the different count for the sake of printing.
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