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ok I setup the server then setup Nginx to proxy pass to Repetier server and everything worked great.

As things progressed and coworkers started to ask questions I decided to stream the video openly to all for viewing

so what I want

http://myaddress.net just straight out shows the camera's so others can watch. (already setup)
http://myaddress.net/rep/ is how you access Repetier server (control the printers, currently not working)

the issue:

Once I move the proxy pass to a different location I get "Requested file not found." it seems like its looking for a specific file at the root directory of the web site (guessing here)?  it works perfectly fine as long as its at the root but not once the location is moved off.  I feel like I'm missing something here in my configuration of Nginx, any help is welcomed.  Thanks for your response.


  • The server runs on 3344 and is always addressed as root. You can not easily move it into a directory as the references are not all relative but normally absolute which is why you get the file not found error. Not really sure if that can be solved by a proxy. Maybe a subdomain is the better and easier solution here.
  • Thank you.  Sub domain worked like a charm, had to get another cert for the sub domain for https but works great.  Again Thank you for your time.
  • Let's encrypt now also supports wildcard certificates if you have DNS access for your domain!
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