Pi3 and adafruit 3.5 PiTFT not working

I´ve installed the last image  "Repetier-Server-Image_0_86_2_v8" and used the easy install from adafruit "https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-pitft-3-dot-5-touch-screen-for-raspberry-pi/easy-install-2"

But I can't put the TFT to work, the server works great using the pc browser but the TFT is always black , using the ssh terminal I can run the TFT test screen and calibration screen, and its working.

Is there any trick? anyone manage to put this TFT to work with repetier?

Note, if I plug an HDMI monitor to the Pi the application starts in the monitor, also the easy setup from adafruit modify the config.txt to start the TFT but it seams that is not working.

lines that were add to config.txt


Thanks in advance.


  • Sounds like the xwindow system doe snot know it should use the displays framebuffer as target and puts all data into HDMI monitor instead. Can not say how you can tell this to xwindows but I saw the option "PiTFT as HDMI Mirror (Best for Raspbian Full/PIXEL)" which should also do the trick especially if you use same HDMI resolution as the display has. Or you google how to tell xwindow to use framebuffer instead. Will be one simple config option in a file.
  • Thanks repetier I will try the mirrow option althrought I had tested all 3 options and the only that show on the TFT is the 1st option with the CL.

    One question, how can i force the hdmi output to 480x320? Sorry but I’m a beginner in the linux - pi!

  • It's all defined in /boot/config.txt


    for a list of options and values.
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