Repetier-Server won't communicate with printer

After doing a firmware update on my 3D printer I can no longer communicate with the printer through Repetier-Server. The printer appears to connect properly, but it won't recognize any commands. All I get in response to commands is 'Warning: Seems like we missed a ok - continue sending.'. When I connect directly via Repetier-Host everything works fine. I've checked the port assignment and the baud rate (same as for R-H) and it all looks good. I have rebooted the RPi running R-S, but to no avail.
Does anyone have any suggestions?


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    UPDATE: I fixed the problem. I did a full update/upgrade of the software on the RaspberryPi box that runs Repetier-Server and now it all works fine. Still don't quite know what the issue was, but it's working now.

    BTW, both my 3D printers are driven by Repetier-Server running on a Raspberry Pi Zero-W with camera installed (one RPi per printer.) This is an excellent low-cost solution for remote printing (about CAN$60). That way I can keep the printers in a separate well-ventilated room. With a video streaming server installed on the RPi it allows me to monitor print progress from anywhere, even on my phone. All the required software is free (thanks Repetier.)

  • Maybe the firmware update changed baud rate. The wizard will test them on adding them so that could be why it worked afterwards.
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