Repetier Host 1.1.0 Stopped Connecting to TronXY P802M

Was doing fine until just this morning. Repetier-Host wouldn't connect to my TronXY at all. Baud rate is the 115200 and it's on USB serial-00000000. Nothing appears to be changed and the cable is still right where it should be. I reinstalled Repetier-Host this morning and have the same problem; there is no response at all when I click to connect. 


  • Also worth noting, I'm getting no response from Slic3r...

    This is my business and I'm completely halted because of these problems.
  • So it worked before and you did not change a thing and it does not work any more? No mac update to 10.13.4 which was released a few days ago?
    Actually if this is your business install Repeteier-Server for mac to print. It is much better in printing. Only note that server will connect automatically to printer when it gets connected preventing connection with host until you deactivate the printer. Just in case you switch.

    You can also connect using Arduino IDE serial monitor with 115200 baud to test communication is still possible.
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