Repetier Server Image v8 doesn’t work on Raspi 3 model B


my raspberry 3 model B did not start with the actual image V8. A plain Rasperian boot, the repetier image not. I downloaded the image again, no success. 

Has anybody some hints?

bedt regards,


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    V8 is optimised for Raspberry Pi 3B+ (2018).
    If you use Raspberry Pi 3B - download V7 image.
  • V8 should work on all Pi's. It just uses latest raspbian wherr support for all boards is included, that should not be the problem. Will test it on a pi 3 later just to be sure.
  • Is there a way to download V7 for testing?

    Thank you.
  • :-)
    I modified the download URL to - now i have to wait - slow download ....
  • Just tested V8 image on Pi 3 and it worked as expected. Hope you did unzip it before upload as image. Or it might be a download error/incomplete download. But that should be detected on unzip if zip is incomplete.
  • I downloaded it again, unzip the image and flash new. But doesnt start. The LED flash only short than no activity and screen has no signal.
    I flash to the same SD card a normal Raspian - this is booting. So i have to look if this LED flash reports a state.
    Thanks Mike
  • Did you have the Pi 3+ ever running e.g. with a image from pi foundation directly? Just to rule out that the pi is defect.
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