Can't login when ussing HTTPS


I've installed repetier server on a raspberry pi B+.
Everything works fine except when I try to connect using HTTPS.

The Pi is behind a reverse proxy. I've enable user account in repetier server.
I access to the Pi's local IP address (HTTP or HTTPS) I can enter my login/password and use repetier but if I access to the Pi public address using (only available with HTTPS) only the top navbar is available.

Here is a screenshot when using local IP address :
and here is a screenshot using public address :

Repetier server is v0.86.2 installed using image Repetier-Server-Image_0_86_2_v7.img.

Does anyone have an idea what's wrong ?


  • Since server can not handle https you have a proxy in between I guess. To work correctly you need a special setting for reverse secure websocket proxy, see this article:
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    I've already done this, that's why https works when I use a direct connection to the RPi using its local private IP address (i.e. this is how I tested my SSL certificate. (screenshot: )

    But when I wan't to access the RPi from the public web through the reverse proxy (i.e. it does not work. (screenshot: )

    As shown by the screenshot, the main page is not fully displayed, the login windows is not displayed, only the top navbar.
    The SSL certificate is OK.

    So anyidea why I can reach the RPi but only the top navbar is displayed ?

  • In browser open developer tools and check the network communication. All what you miss comes from websocket connection, so my guess is that this socket does not get proxied correctly. In the tutorial you will see there is a special path with a special reverse proxy for wss protocol on the socket file. In Network you should see it red - but you also see the used url and then can see where it needs to be fixed.
  • Ok
    talk about it to the network admin, he changed it on the reverse proxy and now it's fixed.
    Thanks for your help
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