Server shutdown

I have the server setup on a Raspberry Pi3 and have attempted 2 prints so far on a Maker Select v2.1, but both have failed.  The printer just stops while printing.  Almost like the server shutdown, kills all the heaters and motors stop.

It stopped at different locations each time.  It’s the same setup I was running with octoprint installed with no problems.  Only difference is I’m running repetier server Pro now.  

When printing, the only thing plugged into the Pi is one printer and the webcam, same as before.  I also have a 5” touchscreen, which was also on when I was running octoprint.  

Any thoughts on what would cause the server to quit for no reason?

No messages, no thermal runaway, nothing.  


  • Please check /var/lib/Repetie-rServer/logs/server.log and see what it says. Also check /var/log/syslog at that time. The pi does some energy saving if power goes below certain levels and that means it disconnects usb devices. You will see this in the syslog. If that happens a print stops of course and reconnect after power is up again resets the printer. Just what might happen.

    Since sunday we have a new image for pi with latest linux stretch installed. Upgrading to that image might help or not depending if they have changed the power handling. That might also be the difference to octoprint which micht run on a different linux version.
  • I will check the logs when I get a chance to.  If it was a power issue, I’m sure I would have seen this before, since I have been running with the Pi3 setup for close to a year now with no problems.
    I re-installed the card with the octoprint image and restarted the same print.  It’s been going for 9 hours now and still going with no problems.
  • If you do not start xserver with chrome and lcd frontend it might start working. Edit /home/pi/.bashrc at the end to not start xinit. Would not be the first time that not running this reduces power consumption enough to work. But it is easy to see if it is power problem. syslog will log that usb device disconnected when print stops. Since this is coming from linux/pi it is nothing we can change then. Only solution would then be better power or use less power by reducing what is running on pi. But let's first check if this is the problem.
  • I haven’t had time to reinstall repetier server yet. Had a request for printing something so I left octoprint on and let it run.
    The power supply is the one made for the Pi and I’m using the same setup for octoprint as for repetier server. When I finally have a chance to reinstall repetier server and find some filament I don’t mind wasting, I’ll try again.

    I just don’t like the fact of paying 100$ CAD for something I have to sit and troubleshoot, yet octoprint was free and it works great.
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