No multiple webcams working

I've installed repetier-server pro (newest version)  today on an Intel Atom N280 with Ubuntu 17.04. Its a complete fresh install. After installed repetier i installed mjpg-streamer like u mension in the docs. 

Here's the problem. One webcam is working perfect without issues. But when i want to run a second webcam (for a different printer) it shows nothing. Also port :8081 is showing nothing. When i look in the settings of the printer there is a dropdown menu where i can switch between usb webcam 1 and usb webcam 2. But webcam 2 is not working because port 8081 is not reachable.

I also tried reinstalling ubuntu and doing everything from scratch. Same result.... Found an older thread with the same problem but the answer was that it was solved after he installed version 0.82. So that was an old problem...


  • So i found out its a bandwidth problem. When i go down to 640x480 its working flawless. Is there a way to get all my usb cams to work with 720p?
  • Solved the problem buy adding a cheap chinese pci-e usb 2.0 card with a moschip 9770 chip. This ship prodiveds a root hub for each port so no more bandwidth problem and now i can run 6 webcams at 720p with 25fps.
  • Nice solution. So you have now split the webcams or is that pci board so much faster then build in usb ports?
  • Each port on the card can provide the full usb bandwidth without being bottle necked from the other ports on the card. PCIe 1x is more than fast enough for 4 usb webcams. On each port on the card is a webcam attached and the pc itself has 2 more roothubs for the last 2 webcams. I am running this now on an hp microserver together with my nas (openmediavault) because the thinclient i was using had problems getting the webcam-streams to run. He listed all webcams but can't start streaming. I think thats a problem from the thinclient (maybe hp modified the specs of the pcie port so it can only handle hp cards). Also i like the 'one device for everything' thing and its only taking 20W.
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