Duet Wifi connection


  I have 3 printers, a Maker Select v2.1 Cartesian with a stock meltzi board, a FLsun Delta with a makerbase 32bit board and a coreXY with a Duet Wifi board.

I have repetier server installed on a Raspberry Pi3 and was able to connect and control the Maker Select and the FLsun.  But when it comes to setup the coreXY, it says it’s connected, but am unable to control the printer.

Is there any support for the Duet board?  

I was running octoprint on a raspberry pi3, but would like to have all 3 controlled from one location, which is why I’m trying to get repetier server working.


  • Currently select marlin firmware to connect to RapRapFirmware which you probably are running on it. Next server release will have a dedicated RapRapFirmware definition file that will work better. OYu can switch that anytime in printer configuration->Firmware.
  • I was able to put the Duet in Marlin comparability mode and selected marlin firmware to connect.  Seems to be working now.
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