Bed won't heat

I've got a PURSA-i3 with a Tronxy control board and for whatever reason, the bed plate refuses to heat up. The thermistor on the plate works fine. It will read the change from my body heat when I put my hand on the plate, but when I go to print, nothing the bed wont' heat up. Also, the Extruder temperature maxes out each time. I goes over the 240 target temp I set (printing with ABS), and then keeps on going! It then reads and error and I have to restart the whole thing or just let it run in "dry run" mode. The firmware is updated. The g-code looks fine as far as I'm concerned, but the bed just isn't getting power. I will admit I'm able to get the bed to heat up using manual control sometimes, but otherwise, its just doesn't work.


  • Sounds a bit like heaters/thermistors are mixed. If extruder won't stop heating it compares to an other thermistor that is not that hot. Same might be the reason bed does not heat if it uses the extruder thermistor.
  • I figured it out. In my exhausted and sleep deprived state, I'd misread the labels on the board and got the wires for the two elements mixed up. Swapped them to the correct spots and it works now. That'll teach me to work on only a couple hours of sleep.
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