Print job wont officially start.

So I just got done with my first print which was completely awful - but I'm not giving up. I'm trying to start my 2nd print. I have all of my firmware set properly and filament extruder works fine. But after I click "Print job." The extruder will lower to about 3mm above print bed and just sit there. The extruder is heated to the proper temperature. The heat bed is properly heated. Idk what else to do to troubleshoot this situation. Anyone have any suggestions?


  • See log for messages. From description I assume it waits to reach target temperature. Depending on your configuration in firmware this can mean holding a steady temp. for x seconds which can take a while. Or there was a problem aborting the print.
  • Yeah it seems to just wait for the EXACT temperature reading. Is there a way to change it so that its between a certain range or passes a certain temperature threshold?
  • There will be a range setting in the firmware. What firmware are you using?

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