No support material where it realy should be

I like CuraEngine above Slic3r the most for it's smarter usage of, and much easier to remove support material. However, taking a close loop at the sliced object I was about to print, surprised me a lot. As you can see in the screenshot, no support material is placed under the red outlined part of the object.

Turned out I had to reduce the overhang angle to a maximum of 50° in the CuraEngine Settings. Let that be just the angle of the concerning part of the object relative to Z.

I find this quit weird, cause to me it seems the overhang is not applicable while there's nothing else to support that part of the structure. There should be support anyhow, no matter what overhang angle treshold is chosen. The slicer of Cura (v 3.2.1) itself doesn't make this strange move.


  • Is this a manifold model? Especially the second picture makes me think it is not and that can confuse slicers a lot.
    In first picture travel moves hide where support would be so actually I can not see it. But this all can be from non manifold models and of course wrong support settings, but I would first try to repair the model.
  • Yes, it's absolutely manifold.
    I checked this behaviour with a simpler object and the exact same thing happens as long as the overhang angle is set to high. Lowering it prevents this. While this doesn't happen in the latest Cura slicer, I think it's an already fixed bug.
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