Backslash settings missing from Server and Host EEprom interface?

Hi all,
may I am blind but I do not find backslash settings in the EEprom interface anymore.
Neither in Server nor in Host it is there. I for sure compiled with BACKSLASH enabled.

btw. all arround the source there is a typo: backlash instead of backSlash. ;)


  • That is no typo. It is really "backlash". Backslash is just this sign "\"!

    If you do not see it in eeprom it is not compiled in.
  • I just compiled again and flashed it.
    So what is missing? Backslash/Backlash still missing from Interfaces.
    I can not attach complete configuration.h but this should be the important part:

    #define ZHOME_HEAT_HEIGHT 20
    #define ZHOME_X_POS 999999
    #define ZHOME_Y_POS 999999
    #define X_BACKLASH 0
    #define Y_BACKLASH 0
    #define Z_BACKLASH 0
    #define STEPPER_HIGH_DELAY 1

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    I found it...its in the source.

    In Repetier.h backlash compension will be disabled for all but cartesian drive systems.

    Don't know why backslash is limited to "CARTESIAN" or a single drive system (0). I do have a CoreXY printer. But drive system (1) also is "cartesian", isn't it? ;)

  • For system 0 each direction involves 1 motor so backlash is bound to changing in motor direction.

    Core XY has 2 motors moving the extruder. And we assume the belt is fixed good with extruder so all backlash comes from pulley/belt and now 2 motors are involved so we do not assume same amounts for all directions especially since all motors are used for nearly all moves. So which move do we need to compensate? The algorithm only compensates pure x,y or z moves.

    With deltas it is even worse.

    Of course you can just change the condition, but I'm not so sure it will help you.
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