No Manual Control

G'Day Gang,
A good mate has given me a Geeetech i3 I am having difficulty getting any response from it. I am using Ubuntu 16.04 and Repetier Host. I can connect to the printer but I can't get the manual control to work. There is no response at all. I have tried different baud rates but no joy. What else should I look at?


  • Have a look at the log and enable everthing to see if you get any response.
    One thing with linux is that some baud rates like 250000 are not directly supported. So if your printer uses that it might help to select a ansi baud rate like 115200 baud in firmware instead. On Windows there is no problem with that baud rate.

    On linux you could use Repetier-Server for communication which supports 250000 on linux if driver can do it and use repetier-server connector in host to talk through server with printer. This is the best solution for linux anyway since server is much more stable for printing under linux.
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