Rumba board with Linux Mint

I'm using a rumba board which works fine with Repetierhost and Windows. Now I want to use it with Linux Mint, but I'm not able to connect Repetierhost to the Rumba board in Linux. I can choose the rumba device in the printer configuration, but not connect. When changing the baud rate to something lower then 128000 in Repetier (and Repetier firmware), a connection is established, but the log shows only nonsense and no commands are transfered to the rumba board. If I use my old Arduino Mega 1280 there is no problem. Connection starts directly at 250000 baud and everything is fine. Unfortunately ramps has not enough motor ports, otherwise I would use this.
I guess there is a problem with the rumba taurino driver, but all my attemps to solve this problem lead to nothing. Would be great if someone could help because I'm biting on granite since one week.


  • 250000 baud does not work on linux with most mono versions as they are non-ansi and need special handling. Set baudrate of your printer to 115200 or 230400 baud and it will work in linux as well.
  • That solved the problem. Thank you.
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