paste extruder printrbot metal - Repetier not allowing manual control of extruder

I've put the Printrbot Paste Extruder onto my metal simple printrbot.

In Repetier host the machine will 'home' fine, and I can jog the x, y, z axes manually. But the extruder manual control doesn't work.
In theory the printer has the same setup, just the extruder motor has been put on the new paste assembly, and the heated nozzle unclipped.
I'm really not sure why it doesn't seem to work the extruder, as the wires etc. are the same really.
Can anyone help?


  • If you unclip temp. sensor the extruder will marked as defect and no extrusion will occur.

    Assuming you have 0.92.2 firmware you can use a 100K resistor as thermistor replacement to make it happy and allow cold extrusion (or set min extrusion temp. to 0).
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