Imported EEPROM are ignored

Hi there,

I've noticed that imported EEPROM-settings are ignored. If I alter settings by hand they're stored automaticaly (M500) after hitting OK. This works fine. But then, if I want to go back to my previously exported settings by importing the *.mepr file, settings are changed back and apperently theý're saved by a M500 command (my printer echos back: Settings Stored). But... they aren't, cause taking a look again at "Firmware EEPROM Configuration" show the same altered settings, like I didn't import anything at all.

So, to be clear: when I change settings by hand there seems to be nothing wrong, but when I import settings, they're being showed in the Firmware EEPROM Configuration window, but that's it; they're not being stored.

(I'm using Repetier-Host V2.0.0 on Windows 10, 64 bit with a Velleman K8200 printer)


  • Is this with marlin firmware?
  • Yes, both with Marlin 1.0 and 1.1.
  • Happened to me too, I can confirm .
    Just modify them by hand and then hit ok and it should store them .
    Or just out them in the firmware, then reflash the firmware and then do M502 M500 M501 and you should have the firmware in the EEPROM ...
    But it would be nice to be able to set to the EEPROM the values that you just saved ... 
  • I've just upgraded to Repetier-Host V2.0.5 but it makes no difference.

    When you have imported EEPROM settings and click "OK", the program window itself is collapsed to the toolbar. This doesn't happen when settings are changed by hand. Maybe this is a little hint for what is going wrong...
  • This has been resolved from version 2.1.1.
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