Combining objects for Dual Printing

I am trying to combine two objects, an outer circle and the inner infill, in order to print with two different materials using two extruders.  When I try to combine the parts it seems that the software is trying to mate the outer surfaces because there is an overlap.  The dimension of the inner diameter of the blue part is 4mm with the outer diameter being 5mm and the outer diameter of the orange part is 3.95.

I noticed that if I make the outer diameter of the orange part 5mm that they line up because the outer surfaces are mated.  

Not sure how to fix this problem.   Thanks for any assistance provided.


  • I can center both without grouping them together and slice it, but I get a message saying that at least one object is outside the printable area (Even though nothing is outside that area).  When I slice it it seems to be fine and I am able to assign each extruder to the correct object.  Will try to print and see what happens.
  • Ditto. It offset my objects when printing. Even shoes in print preview that it will but the objects show fine in the placement tab.
  • Hmm, I am seeing this in both the print preview and object placement tab.  
  • You need to group them so slicers know they build one object, otherwise strange things might appear like skirt in the air or so.

    The crucial thing is when exporting stl to use the same reference coordinates. Only then they stack up correctly when being grouped. So do NEVER export them with individual coordinates and make sure in you CAD they are both at the right position, so not one drawn somewhere else.
  • Thank you for the suggestions.  Can you give an example on what you mean using the same reference coordinates?  I use solidworks and build both objects in the same plane, about the same origin using the same units.  Is this what you mean by reference coordinates?

    Thanks again.
  • Yes, that is what you mean. If both layers are enabled it should give the right object. The crucial point however is that exporting them does not change the origin so that after importing to same coordinates it is complete object again.
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