Re-Arm Smoothieware TCP/IP

I am trying to use tcp/ip in Repetier Host
IP Address 192.168.X.X
Transfer Protocol Autodetect
Port 23
Receive Cache Size 1024
Communication Timeout 40

I can move, home,turn on hotends and bed with no problems after increasing the Receive Cache Size from 147 to 1024.
But when I go to print it homes ok then starts to print and stutters then smooths out and prins fine after the first layer.
any ideas 


  • Seems the slicer I was using was the problem.
    I sliced the model with cura and everything worked.
    I did have to increase the cache size from 147 to 2096 in printer connection settings

  • Not sure what smoothieware cache size can receive. Over serial the limit for firmwares is normally 127 byte.
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