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After using the Repetier Server for two weeks, and loving it so far, I started playing with getting in on to a Raspberry Pi with a 4" LCD screen. On the bigger computer monitor, the rendered images look great. But on the Raspberry Pi, they are quite small. I do have a custom g-code that extrudes a line of filament on the front of the build plate and the render picks this up thus making the image appear to be zoomed out. Is there a way to get the render program to ignore the first 20-30 lines of g-code?

Thanks for the great work


  • Yes, there are 2 server commands to tell it to ignore moves for size computations


    Ignore next print moves for object size calculation. This is interesting if you make a extrusion at a fixed position. Then the server will include that into the size and that may lead teh rendere to show a much too small object.


    Stops the @nosize command from neglecting size computation. Never forget this if you use @nosize. They should always come as a pair.

    So start with


    and at end of start gcode put 


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