Printer Disconnecting from Server

I've been using Repetier-Host and Server for a couple weeks now, and I have this recurring issue.  I use Server on my desktop pc to connect with my printer, which is a Monoprice Maker Select V2, via USB.  When I get about an hour through a print, the print stops and the Server front end says that the printer has been disconnected.  I've tried this with several USB cables, and it still happens.  When I check the print log, it looks like this:

2:55:25.748: N411967 G92 E0
2:55:25.748: N411968 G1 Z29.500 F3600.000
2:55:25.860: N411969 G1 X75.275 Y96.976 F3600.000
2:55:25.860: N411970 G1 Z29.300 F3600.000
2:55:25.908: N411971 G1 E2.00000 F3600.00000
2:55:25.908: N411972 G1 F600
2:55:25.940: N411973 G1 X75.416 Y97.073 E2.00487
2:55:25.940: N411974 G1 X75.500 Y97.172 E2.00858
2:55:26.036: N411975 G1 X75.654 Y97.468 E2.01808
2:55:26.036: N411976 G1 X75.767 Y97.854 E2.02955
2:55:26.036: N411977 G1 X75.826 Y98.265 E2.04137
2:55:26.100: N411978 G1 X75.840 Y98.713 E2.05415
2:55:26.196: N411979 G1 X75.772 Y99.382 E2.07333
2:55:26.196: N411980 G1 X75.719 Y99.631 E2.08057
2:55:26.244: N411981 G1 X75.603 Y100.000 E2.09160
2:55:26.292: N411982 G1 X75.719 Y100.369 E2.10263
2:55:26.340: N411983 G1 X75.773 Y100.621 E2.10998
2:55:26.372: N411984 G1 X75.808 Y100.836 E2.11618
2:55:26.388: N411985 G1 X75.840 Y101.286 E2.12905
2:55:26.404: N411986 G1 X75.802 Y101.949 E2.14797
2:55:26.436: N411987 G1 X75.720 Y102.332 E2.15912
2:55:26.452: N411988 G1 X75.619 Y102.615 E2.16769
2:55:26.452: N411989 G1 X75.498 Y102.831 E2.17474
2:55:26.452: N411990 G1 X75.422 Y102.920 E2.17809
2:55:26.452: N411991 G1 X75.261 Y103.029 E2.18363
2:55:26.468: N411992 G1 X75.143 Y103.049 E2.18705
2:55:57.474: Warning: Communication timeout - resetting communication buffer.
2:55:57.474: Connection status: Buffered:114, Manual Commands: 2, Job Commands: 5000
2:55:57.474: Buffer used:114 Enforced free byte:19 lines stored:6
2:55:57.474: N411993 M117 ETA 04:59:10 day 8
2:55:57.474: N411996 G1 X75.047 Y103.030 E2.18982
2:55:57.474: N411997 G1 X74.948 Y102.982 E2.19295
2:55:57.474: N411998 G1 X74.846 Y102.905 E2.19661
2:55:57.474: N411999 G1 X74.719 Y102.767 E2.20196

I have very limited knowledge of how the g code works, but this is the last code that gets recorded before the printer stops.  I can only reconnect after I turn the printer off and back on again, and obviously it wastes the whole print.  Can anyone tell me what's happening?
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