Filament preview in Manual Control mode

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I think it would be nice if RH will be able to normally (without simplification) draw printing of last N layers. And if this possible bottom part of the alredy printed model it can render as solid body


  • We do not have the data to render more solid then making extrusion an elliptical cylinder.
  • yes, i know that when you have only gcode it's very difficult to convert it back to a mesh.
    but in ordinary case RH has model loaded into Placement/Slicer view and gcode sliced from this model. so there can be empiric rule that when a user had loaded model, then sliced it and started printing and he didn't touch the model - RH may use part of this model as hint in the printing 3d view. yes, it's a bit tricky, so it's up to you.
    but at least first part of the request seems to me as not too hard to implement - draw last (or a few last) layer with normal detalization

  • Normally we draw everything without simplification. It only happens if you have set this as default or if updating takes too long, which normally only happens if not using VBOs to store data, but all cards of the last 10 years support this.

    The other thing is only partly true. The loaded gcode and loaded stl do not need to be identical. It can even differ from the sliced gcode. You can either just load a gcode directly or edit objects after starting print. So that link is too weak to be used.
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