Historial temperature data


I am using the pi-server and mostly its great, but I would love a way to see the temperatures for the whole print (to look at possible failure points) and maybe increase the display window from the default 5 minutes, which is not enough for me.
Ideally I would like to have:
1 - a page that shows the temp graph for the entirety of the previous print (being able to save this and maybe have it selectable from the timelapse list - or similiar) having multiple histories or autosaving similiar to the timelapse settings would be an extra bonus for me.
2 - the ability to change the default temp display window to a user defined amount (currently fixed at 5 mins)
3 - not just having lines for set/actual temps (possibly user selectable colours or types: line/area graph)

Other than that, I am pretty happy with the product and thank you for the time spent on developing it!


  • I put it into the ideas for improvement list. 1. will likely not happen because we do not store past print data except what we store in history. If we keep everything the disk and lists will be crowded very fast.

    With our new upcoming communication system I might be able to handle longer lookback in future and maybe make a save/load feature so you can store last x hours as graph. But next versions will stick to the current 5 minute limit.
  • I second this idea!
  • Is there any development on this subject? I'm really interested in such a feature. 
  • Nope. Working on other important features at the moment. But we are thinking about a better print report at the end so maybe then you will get it. But that is not planned for next version. Next version gets recover capabilities.
  • Is there still no solution for viewing all temperature data from a print? 
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