Repetier Server very slow

HI all,
I am using Repetier Server on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with a touchscreen and 2 printers connected to it, and it is unbearably slow the interface. When I click on any area of the screen it takes 4-5 seconds to receive the click. Is this normal? 


  • No, clicks are normally handled fast. Which display are you talking about and which web address are you using?
    Wifi is not the best and if your wifi connection is slow and you have many data to transfer (webcam maybe even high res, show moves) that might slow down your browser. Also if you are printing it takes some seconds for changes like temperature/fan to take effect as they get send to printer in a queue and are executed when it's their turn, but the interface it self e.g. open menu or so should always be instant.
  • I am using the official Raspberry Pi 7" touchscreen display.
    It is attached to the raspberry Pi 3B+ via the flat cable it comes with.
    I am using an internal IP web address to access it. but again via PC is fine, but via the touchscreen is incredibly slow.

  • Can you login via ssh and run "top" to see if some proceses are taking all cpu time. Is this for all views or only a few special windows?
    I have the same screen/pi combination and can scroll and navigate without bigger delays. Languages I use are german and english in case a translation makes a difference.
  • HI there. This is for all views. Ran Top but don't see anything major as far as taking up CPU time. I'll try to turn off the webcam but I would really need that.
  • On lcd the webcam is only used if visible in webcam view. So if it is not one of these cheap webcams with no jpg compression the webcam will not take much cpu time.
    And if no process takes more then 20% cpu time in top the pi is not really busy and should react normally. If I click on one of the menu items the new screen is visible in felt 0.5 seconds.

    You could try connecting it to a ethernet cable just to see if it depends on connection quality.
  • HI from Swizerland,
    I am using Repetier Server Pro 0.93.1 on a Raspberry Pi 4B+ with a touchscreen and 1 printer (Rumba Board) connected to it. Printing starts normally. After about 30minutes the printer becomes verry slow. If I now click "Pause" after a few minutes it goes to nurmal. What could I do? Thanks for your help and Greetings

  • How do you define slow here? Does it move and stop and move again or is it moving slower in general?
    Also when it happens have a look at your console and see if you are getting communication errors with the slowdown.
    A general slowdown can happen if the speed multiplier is changed, but that normally requires you to change it unless it is in the gcode you send.
  • It is a continuously slow movement, lets say 10% of target.I want to check the Comm 
    errors or messages in the console.

  • Since server only sends the gcodes it can not create a continuos slow movement. Motion is created by the printer firmware so it must either get commands with slow speed or said speed multiplier must be low. If you have communication error/hangs I would rather expect normal moves with short pauses.

    One exception is when you have many very short moves in a row then firmware can not speed up to final speed. Similar can happen when a ok" was missed - this would reduce transfer speed until a timeout happens or firmware sends a ok with line number (which marlin normally does not do with default config). Then small moves can also lead to reduced buffer usage also preventing optimum speed. But longer moves would still be fast.
  • I ask me is ist Raspberry PI or the RUMBA Board? Would it better with Rumba 32 bit? Or annother Control board?
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