Printer will reset, but not connect

Hi All,
I'm running Repetier Host V2.0.5 on Debian 9.

Host starts up. When I click connect, it successfully resets the printer, but the connect icon stays the same, and it does not indicate any connection. There is no log message or error.

The funny thing is, when I try to use repetier server, I can connect and use the printer with the exact same settings.

Any suggestions, or places to look for an error message?


  • What baud rate do you need? Host can only ansi rates on linux and tries a tool setBaudrate in same directory to set non ansi baud rates. Server runs in C++ and can set also non ansi baud rates in linux. So I guess it has something to do with this.

    On the other side host under linux is not the most stable, so use the server connector in host and be more on the safe side for prints.
  • Yup! I think you got it.

    I was at 250000, and last night I reflashed the printer to 115200, and it works now. Interestingly, server did not work at exactly 250000...I actually had to set it to 256000 to work.

    Thanks for the help and info!
  • Some serial drivers do not support non ansi baud rates as well, so setting the multiplier fails or is not exact.
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