Way to load gcode file for plugin

Hi all,
I'm interested in the developing of plugin for Repetier-Host (V2.0.5).
What I need is run my exe-file (written in C#) from Repetier-Host. Then do some manipulations in order to create a new gcode file. And finally load that new file to Repetier-Host. I tried to minimize the number of actions for user.
So I read here https://rhplugins.repetier.com/ and here https://rhplugins.repetier.com/2_0_classes/html/index.html ("RepetierHostExtender.dll").
I thought I will find some function that loading files (like "File" - "Load"). So I could pass a path to my gcode file to this function.
Or maybe there is some function for paste text from clipboard directly to "G-Code Editor".
After all, I didn't find anything that could help me, except "void RepetierHostExtender.interfaces.IRepetierEditor.setContent (string text)". But I'm not sure about this one.

So am I right and there is no way to load files for plugin?
Or I just missing something?



  • You are right. Did not put the main load function into the interface. Have added it for 2.0.6

     void LoadGCodeOrSTL(string file)

    Drawback in your case is that this would add file to history. Inernally it uses exactly the function you already found like this:


    As you see it is a 1 liner to load a gcode file created and that should already work in 2.0.5.
  • Thanks for info!
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