repertierhost 1.1.0 mac hotend stops moving when computer turns screen off


I am quite new with 3d printing and I have used only repertier host and slicer..
I have only mac, because I don’t want to tweak OS all the time (I do it at work and I have done it enough there)

My 3d printer is kossel mini (selfmade) and I run it with arduino and ramps with marlin firmware.

I was hugely surprised when I opened repertierhost at the end of the year 2017 I got an update!! thumbs up!!

At first my setup worked quite well (as good it can with my 3d printing skils,I think)

but I updated high sierra to its newest version (that I can’t now rememeber, I typing this with phone and my setup is not here with me).
I tried to print something and I let my printer do its miracles.. after a while I came back to my printer to check out the output..

Hotend did not move and extruder did not feed any filament hotend temperature was ON at 215 c deg and heatbed was also on..(I think it is a bit dangerous)

when I woke up the screen, printer started to print again.. I let the printer print and I started to follow its work and I noticed, that printer did same thing again when mac put screen to sleep.. this kind of a ”feature” I haven’t seen before. I gues this is not the wanted one?


  • High sierra goes into sleep mode when screen turns off. Go to energy saving and activate "Prevent computer from sleeping automatically when the display is off". Hope that helps.
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