How to adjust the zoom or view of the 3D preview?

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finally bought the software after testing the free trial. Loving it so far!

But I have one question: when I look at the 3D previews on your site and in the documentation they look very nice and centered, and the zoom level seems perfect. However on my server the object(s) is very tiny and far away, and always a bit to the top right. Is it something wrong in my settings? I have tried googling and looked in the settings but haven't found anything that solves it.

I'm using IdeaMaker (and Cura) for slicing. Build volume is 300x300x400.

See this preview for example: 


  • Server does a autozoom to contain all in maximized view so everything is visible. You main problem arises from your prime line in the fornt which is also taken into account. SOmething you do not really want. Therefor use these server markers:


    Ignore next print moves for object size calculation. This is interesting if you make a extrusion at a fixed position. Then the server will include that into the size and that may lead teh rendere to show a much too small object.


    Stops the @nosize command from neglecting size computation. Never forget this if you use @nosize. They should always come as a pair.

    to exclude the prime line from size computation. Then the image will be zoomed much more. I assume that this line is yout slicers start gcode so put
    at the beginning and
    at the end of start gcode and all should be well.
  • Perfect! The preview looks really nice now.
    Thank you very much!  :)
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