Fan control algorithm? Fan is at 50% until layer 45

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No idea where this comes from.  I have min fan temp at 50 and max at 100. My fan can, and does, handle PWM just fine.  The only time it's at 100% is at layer 349 of 357.  For all intents and purposes it's at full (S204 or greater) at layer 45 but can this be defined somewhere?  I don't see an option to do so.  I've included the cura slicer generated M106 commands and corresponding layer for info.

layer0 fan off
layer1: 127
layer45 204
layer46 221
layer47 226
layer48 229
layer49 239
layer50 234
layer51 239
layer52 234
layer67 239
layer323 224
layer324 209
layer325 201
layer326 196
layer327 191
layer328 188
layer331 193
layer332 198
layer333 201
layer334 206
layer336 209
layer337 214
layer338 219
layer339 216
layer340 229
layer314 232
layer343 237
layer344 239
layer345 242
layer346 247
layer347 249
layer348 252
layer349 255
357 total layers



  • Fan speed depends normally on layer printing time. Longer times = lower speed. But that is slicer dependent which we do not program.
  • Ahh that makes sense and does correspond w/ quicker layers.  So you just embed cura into your software and don't touch the slicing at all?  Cura 15.x standalone doesn't seem to function like that which confused me.  
  • Yes, we set a config file to curaengine and all generated comes form the engine.
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