Language helper

Hi all,

for editing translations and adding new text elements to uilang.h and uilang.cpp I wrote a python GUI to make things a little easier and clearer. It uses a slightly altered uilang.h to make it easier to find where to put all the defines. uilang.cpp doesn't have to be altered. It's not the quickest program and it lags a lot on my computer but it works for me.

Thought I might share it. It's a work in progress though.


  • Anything helping with translations is welcome. Chnaging/adding entries is really a pain, also I think some translations are hard to catch, especially if they are within #if conditions to get different content depending on defines.

    Also if oyu look into dev2 branch you will see that we now split it into several files - one per language. Hope to remove the #if conditions in v2 in long term.
  • Cool, I have not looked into dev2 yet as I understood from Michiel it is not completed yet and we're a year deep into the branch we're in now. Thanks for the headsup though, that would make it clearer to generate files.

    I see the attachment was not included in my first post, it should be now.
  • No attachment:-(

    dev2 has no controller support at the moment. That will be one of the last things I add as I think I want to change how the menu gets generated to be more flexible here as well. But I see no way around the need to have the translation system as it is.
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