G92 does nothing

My settings for X,Y,Z were to 0 (I understand that I need to adjust z manually with the endstop) at the end stop so I set them to X: 94 Y: 30 z: 0.40 Here they are perfectly centered on my printer, so I type in G92 X0 Y0 Z0. I've tried sending it multiple times, reconnecting with the printer, and even restarted the printer, but the code doesn't effect anything. It still say X: 94 Y: 30 Z: 0.40 what am I doing wrong?


  • You need to test coordinates with M114.
    If you are for example in repetier-host it will show real coordinates including offsets.
    Here you can send
    if the current position should be 0,0,0

    In general you should not need to use G92 if firmware and printer are configured well. I guess you tweak Z instead of adjusting the z endstop here.
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