why is the repetier host software so unusably basic?

Repetier seems to be the no.1 goto software for use with a 3D printer... for object placement and slicing...

So why is the object placement so limited and buggy?

With some plastics, (ABS) I find it necessary to use a raft layer for printing small parts. There is no point in printing 1 single 6mm belt clip, Cable clip, or T-nut... So OBVEOUSLY it would make sense to print such things in batches.

There is no setting for spacing between objects. So if I want a 5mm space between multiple objects, then I have to lay them out manually myself... When I want to do 24x an object, this becomes the biggest annoyance ever. 

OK, I hear you, open 3DS Max or something, and build an object file that has them all evenly spaced... But I am taking premade objects from Thingiverse, and want to drop them straight into Repetier, click a few buttons and go.

The default, automatic object placement is terrible. It results in prints where the nozzle is jumping from one side of the table and back, totally randomly, instead of doing things linearly for speed and consistency. It is just as random with multiple part items that have bearings or hinges.

How can something be seen as the best thing to use, when it is so poor and basic?
I look at the new 3D builder apps in windows, and find them to be just as crap.

There is no copy paste, the controls are useless, ever heard of hot keys? Good apps use them to make things easier.
The interface is poor and does not make the basic controls any easier. The controls contradict the controls of more professional software like the autodesk suite, while it would take not much work to match the controls for 3D navigation to something like Maya's controls. With Alt and Ctrl. With Z for undo the last move(s)... yes, compared to the BASIC controls of maya, Repetier is worse than basic, its pathetic, and that is as kind as I can be whilst remaining honest about it.

I could not even be tempted to donate towards the development of this app.

Since I started with 3D printing, this app has to be the most annoying and infuriating thing about printing.

Please, do some work and make this app bearable and usable...

Pretty please ffs.



  • Then, if I want a fresh plane, with Object no.1 - rather than deleting everything and it all having random numbering for parts... I have to close the app and open it a fresh to start adding items with a start index of no.1

    So just to get a fresh table I have to disconnect from the printer too.

    How have these things not been fixed or improved on yet?
  • Snap to grid maybe? :O
  • I did not think the learning curve is that steep.
    It does what I need to do, quite well.
    There are other programs if this does not suit you.
  • Why on earth would you want your own spacing in between two objects? And if so, objects can be moved by cursor and by typing in a distance. Why would you want copy/paste if there's a copy button for as many copies as you like? Also I don't notice illogical travel routes when placing multiple copies. And yes, every software has its own 3D navigation controls. If I take for instance rotating, than in Repetier it's LeftMouseButton, in Cura RMB while in Blender it's MMB by default.
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