Server Ignores Gcode Temperatures

Hi all,

I am currently using the free version of server and regardless of the gcode I upload the server attempts to print at 210extr and 60bed.

When the print starts it initially heats to the gcode temps but as soon as it actually starts printing it automatically begins to cool back down the the aforementioned temperatures.

I have dug through the server settings and can't find anything that seems like it should cause this.

Any help is appreciated. 


  • Server does never send temperature commands unless you hit one of the temperature controls and change them explicitly.

    More likely is that your slicer changes them. Some have e.g. a first layer temperature so after first layer they change the temperature to a lower one. Search your gcode for M104/M140/M190/M109 to check if it is in your own gcode.
  • It suddenly stopped happening. I think something was happening where Slic3r wasn't updating a save to setting changes. Opening the settings and then saving them again seemed to be all that needed doing.
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