Print from SD card

Is it possible to upload to the SD card and then kick off a print from it? I swore I was able to do this before using repetier host using repetier server as a bridge.

The reason for me doing this is that ive had a few failed prints where my raspberry pi seems to have crashed. I know id lose a lot of functionality but for a stable print id much prefer to be able run it from an SD card.

My printers are in another room so I really dont like having to swap the SD card around physically. It also means I cant remotely kick off long prints either.


  • Server doe snot knwo about sd prints and upload, so it adds extra commands like temperature polls. That seems to confuse with uploads. So sd swap is required that way.

    If electronics is good, the pi works very stable, btw. But it is sensitive to voltage drops and back EMF on usb which can cause usb to disconnect.
  • Hrm so I guess my problem could actually be elsewhere. I was powering the PI from a hub, ive now given it a dedicated power supply.
    Ive enabled logging on the server now so hopefully thatle tell me what went wrong if it happens again.
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