Repetier disconnects when heating extruder

I decided to hook a 12v E3d V6 to my Printrbot Jr. but when I clicked the icon to heat the extruder, it just disconnects. I am using Repetier- Host V1.0.6. Could it be the power supply? Or the board or even possibly the firmware? I tried connecting my old Ubis Hotend and it would not connect either. My current power supply is a 12V 6A.


  • If repetier-host disconnects (getting red) windows does not see the port any more. So the usb-serial connector may be crashed due to voltage drop on heater start. 70W is not very much for a power supply. New extruder have often 40W heaters and motors can also draw 15W each at peaks. Try dry run if you are using repetier firmware to test without heating/extruding so less amps are used.
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