Rep server Image does not fit to 4Gb SD card

Am I the only one by whom the repetier server for respberry pi 0.86.2 v7 does not fit to 4Gb SD card? On linux mint  I have tried Ethcer, USB image writer, termianl unzip | dd command -> always not enough space. Obviously the card was freshly formatted. 
Should I do something special or the image does not fit to 4 Gb anymore? 
Thank you. 


  • Image is from a 4 GB card, but if you have not as much sectors as the originial it will not fit.

    On the other side you do not want a 4GB card. It will be full with data very fast. For production I'd use 32GB or at least 16GB.
  • Thank you. I solved the problem installing Raspbian and later manually Repetier Server on it. 
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