Repetier Host 1.1.0 has issues with the new Slic3r

Since updating Repetier Host- Mac to 1.1.0, the slice bogs down and times out on other than very small files. However, if I open Slic3r directly the files slice in no time at all.

Anybody else seeing this issue?


  • Just tested with bigge robject and was not slower then expected. Did you use the same settings when using slic3r directly? Especially avoid crossing perimeter can slow down slicing considerably especially on bigger objects.
  • Actually the slic3r will not work from the object placement panel...looks like it does but the file will not turn on the bed.  Using the slic3r from the configure window works, but the printer will stop 1/3 to 1/2 way through the print.  I have tried printing models rendered with earlier version and they print fine.  Any ideas?
  • You mean the new host runs old gcode fine but new gcodes generated will stop mid print? Since host only sends gcodes over the line the content should not make any difference. But you should definitively acivate logging and check what the log contains when print stops. Often the reason is directly in the log in such cases.

    Same goes for slicer - what does log show when slicing did not work?
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    I was printing off an SD card and not from the computer so (I don't think ) there would be a log file.  I will try printing directly from my laptop on a shorter print and see what the log says.  Thanks.   The old .gcode files that still printed were on the card.

    As for the slicer it just will not start from the buttons on the screen...have to go to the configure icon and then use the menus to add an STL file.
  • If it wa son sd card it is possible that the sd card is broken meaning new file could not read completely and stops early. Try formatting sd card using sdformater and upload again.
  • Yeah, my Host panel gives no response whatsoever when I click the Slice button.
  • For me it is still working. Please have a look at the log. I assume some setting caused slic3r not to finish and that is normally visible in log window.
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