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Hello, thank you Repetier team for having a good service out :)

I am trying to set up Repetier-Server on my server. I am trying to configure how to do it and would like to ask some questions.

First of all, does the server have to be physically connected to 3D Printer? or can I have Repetier-Server on my remote server and configure it to communicate with 3D printer remotely?
Second, when I am trying to set up new printer. However, I can't proceed to step 2 on my local machine. Why is it? 
Third, let's say, for an example I have a service called 'my3Dprint'. an user come in click print, would it be possible to configure Repetier-Server to let user to print their 3D design with the 3D printer? (so their desktop or labtop or smartphone acting like a server at the time when they choose an option)

Thanks! I will be very happy to hear some supports!


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    I have the same issue above.  I just installed Repetier-Server on my computer, and it wont go past step 1.  I click "Add Printer", I enter a name, I click "Continue to Step 2" and it adds the name to the list at the left, but that's all it does.  It just sits here at this screen:

  • Adding printers requeres the printer beeing connected to that printer physically. Seems that listing port does not work when none is connected which causes step 2 not to get started.

    The server needs to be installed on the computer that is connected to the printer! Then you canuse it from everywhere, where you can access the remotes ip.
  • Thanks! I just got my raspberry-pi and install server on it and test :) 
  • I have my 3D Printer connected to the PC I installed Repetier Server on. I cannot configure the Server and unable to setup so I can use the Repetier Informer Software I purchased. Where is the Dashboard located?
    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • OK found the Dashboard but unable to create a New Printer in the software, when I try to locate the configuration xml file there is none.
  • If you have no old xml config file from the server you have to create a new printer without configuration. In dashboard top right action menu->Add new Printer.
  • I just made a first time install of server pro on a new raspberry pi. There is no "add a printer" available.
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