Wanhao i3 duplicator PLUS does not show any messages on LCD, because it runs marlin?

My maker select V2 shows message on screen (ETA, ETE, etc.) pushed from repetier server or host (Not sure on the flow) I cannot seem to find a way to make this work. Even when I try to send an M117 w/ text I get nothing.   Anyone find a way around this? is this a Marlin limitation or this stupid touchscreen FW in this plus model?



  • Some marlin versions have problems with : in text. Apart from this it normally works.
  • Is there anything I can do to resolve this?  No M117 commands will display a thing?  All i can see when running M115 is Marlin V1; Sprinter/grbl mashup for gen6 and a firmware URL which goes to a defunct site.

  • Assuming it got send, you can not do anything except flashing a new firmware and knowing your amount of questions here I would not advice that. That may be the point where problems really start if you have nor enough programming knowledge and deep understanding of the electronics in your printer.
  • Thanks.  I did actually flash ADVi earlier today and It does display M117 commands now.  I'm new to repetier-host/server and many of my questions have to do w/ anomalies w/ this software (Start/end time the same in informer, showing UTC vs. local  time, webcam not cropping properly, extruder crashing after print cancel etc.),  This certainly isn't due to my inexperience.

  • It's a mixture. You in deed found some bugs that are not your fault, but ours. Some parts are hard to understand if you are new or do not understand how everything is connected. Some could be found with google.
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