Object not appearing

Most objects that I create with Freecad  load and slice as expected (slc3r).  Even if they are not manifold, they  still show in the preview (and may slice OK).  But just sometimes the object doesn't show and I don't know why.  - If it doesn't show on the printer bed preview, it never slices.

For example I created a
cube with a single hole through it- no problem
cube with two holes - no problem
cube with two holes but closer together - doesn't show.
cuboid with 5 holes well spaced - doesn't show.

It's actually this last one that I really want to print, I just did the others to try to work out what was going on - any ideas?



  • Ahh - sorted.  It was a Freecad issue.   To export an object in STL format, you "Typically only need to select the last object at the at the bottom of the model tree".  I know from experience that it doesn't work if you select more than the last object but it turns out that the last 'object' really needs to be an object, not a sketch. 
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