Inserting Custom G code

I am trying to paste a semi-custom g code into the g code editor into Repetier V 2.0.5 after slicing with Slic3r (V 1.3.0).  I copy the original code and past into Notepad and am replacing the G92 E0 command with M761 (turn off the air for my pneumatic printer) as well as another line with M760 (turn on the air) in order to have free travel without extruding.  When I copy the g code in Notepad and attempt to paste into the editor in Repetier it pastes the original code with the G92 E0 commands.  I have tried both the "cut" and "new text" to remove the original code before trying to paste the new code.  Both paste the original code.

Thanks for any advice


  • Sure you did copy in notepad. Doe sinster in notepad insert new code?
    Just tested it with windows editor in windows 10 and i worked as planned.
    Host will insert whatever is in the text clipboard.
  • Thank you for the help.  I got it to work.  I pressed delete after highlighting everything in Repetier instead of clicking on cut.  Was then able to paste the new code in.  Again, thanks for the help.
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