(Partial) connection issue and crash

Hi. Hoping for some help getting going with Repetier. I've used it successfully in the past, now attempting to come back to it.

My printer (running Repetier Firmware 1.0.1) runs fine when controlled from the built-in LCD. I also installed Repetier Host on a Mac (for testing) and that works fine.

However, when I try it on Windows (using the latest version: 2.0.5, freshly installed) upon clicking Connect, I get an immediate unhandled exception (crash) with message "The maximum baud rate for the device is 6394". Is this a known issue with a workaround or something obvious I'm doing wrong?

The only difference I've noticed from my past successful experience is that now Repetier Server appears to be installed along with Repetier Host by default. Interestingly, Repetier Server (the webpage that pops up automatically) was also able to connect with the printer without a problem. Is it possibly interfering with Repetier Host's ability to connect?

Many thanks in advance for any pointers anyone may be able to provide.

Stuart Wimbush.


  • If oyu have configured server to connect it will autoconnect as soon as printer is available and prevent host from direct connection.

    Idea is that you use repetier-server connector in host instead and set server ip/api key so host uses server to communicate instead.

    Maximum baud rate is something I never head especially not so low. Sure you set the right com port in host?
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