Prusa Edition Prime Tower problems

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I just set up a chimera on my hictop prusa clone and I'm having issues getting Slic3r Prusa Edition to generate a prime tower properly. I checked prime tower and left the default parameters. Use relative E-distance is checked. Extruders are set to 2 and single extruder multi material is checked (which confuses me why it needs to be checked because I have 2 extruders and 2 nozzles; if i uncheck it it gives me no tower at all)

here's what i get when i slice:

it only shows the bottom half of the print, the tower looks strange, and it shows a floating line at the top of where the tower should end.

has anyone had this problem? i tried searching for help and i come up with nothing

bear in mind i am a novice with all of this, so maybe i'm missing something obvious. any help or advice is appreciated.


  • Looking into the statistics the host parser seems quite in trouble with the gcode. Can you post the gcode to verify?

    Some computers have problems showing full gcode especially over terminal viewer this seems to be a problem.
  • Hi, 

    I am facing the same Problem. 
    i set up a Diamond hotend on a Anet A8. Slic3r PE will only slice as expected, as Long as i do not use the prime Tower. When i do, it Looks like this: I really do not know, what to do. I opened the gcode in another program to verify. The gcode Looks exactly like this.
  • Have you checked if newer SLic3rPE version have the same problem? There is not much we can do except updating the versions with each release.
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    Yes, i use Version 1.36.2 because with 1.39.1 my python script does not work anymore (i rum the script manually, so the screenshot is before that)
    V1.39.1 does the same. By the way, the Print starts below z 0.00 !
  • I discoverd, that the G-gode is often generated correctly, but displayed as seen above.
  • Is that over some remote desktop solution? That often gives strange results while direct at the computer it would work.

    If it is at the computer, can you offer a download of the file to check.
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