Camera crops anything above 300x180 on pi w/ mjpg-streamer

The server view always looks fine but in the host it crops it.  The odd thing is it doesn't crop it centered, it appears to be cropping the top left of the actual camera image.  Is this a bug of some sort?


  • My host image is not cropped. Any special settings?
  • What resolution are you outputting?  My switches are -vf (to rotate 180), --framerate 30 (30ftp) and then of course the resolution change.   This is the command the daemon is outputting on boot:
    ./mjpg_streamer -o -w ./www-octopi -n -i -width 640  -height 480 -fps 30 -vf

  • In keeping w/ my picture theme to make things easier.  The repetier-server view shows full camera, 8080 ui shows full camera, host crops. The server pic was captured a bit after a print started so the image is different but size is correct.
  • Ok, see the problem. I had tested the webcam from top toolbar which scales well. Will fix it for next release.
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