Manual programming and looping Gcode

Hey everyone.  I'm a CNC programmer fooling around with the 3d printing platform and Repetier host for a custom application.  It's a solid little Gcode interpreter.  I'm pretty impressed.  The machine I built uses  the frame, steppers and computer of an older solidoodle.  I think it's a Solidoodle 2.  Not sure, but it's actually not really that important if I can get this done in code.  At any rate, I've been programming this machine and I have a quandary.  I need to loop the program.  The machine I built on this platform only needs to run a few lines of code to complete it's process.  But it would be nice to have it loop.  I've copied and pasted the code, over and over so it loops, but it would be really nice and really easy to fine tune the code if I only had to change a few things, rather than the entire 1000 lines of code I would need if I have to run it without a loop.

Any tips or tricks on how to do this in the Gcode interpreter for Repetier host?, if not, any tips or tricks to run another arduino based cnc controller that I could interface with that solidoodle? 

Thanks in advance!

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