Use mouse scroll to move through layers in print preview?

As it stands I cannot find any keyboard shortcut combo to go layer to layer in preview, I just click the small up/down arrow.  Even an alt or ctrl up/down arrow would work.  Maybe I'm missing this shortcut?



  • Click into the layer number text field and use up/down arrows works fine for me.
  • Certainly does, any idea why when in that same field using mouse click moves up/down 3 layers instead of 1?  Not a big deal since the arrow keys are now working for me, just curious.
  • Might be that your mouse scroll speed is higher. That is a system widget from microsoft, so I can not say much about the internal reasons how they work. When I tried with mouse it did one step at a time, but I also had only a few layers. SO might also depend on the range.
  • That is odd.  I have two windows pcs which both do the same thing (Skip 3 lines).  This print only had 38 layers.  Do you run host in a windows environment?
  • The mouse wheel scroll lines can be set in windows control panel/mouse/wheel. change the vertical scrolling to 1 line.
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