Where else aside from slicer can extruder temp be defined?

I have my extrude profile for cura set to 195 however looking at the gcode it's setting it to 205.  I even changed the default extrude temp to 195 in config | printer setup | printer  to eliminate that w/ no luck.  I did ensure I was using the correct extruder profile. Slic3r works as designed so there has to be some setting in cura I'm missing.  Anyone run into this?  I thought I went through every setting in cura, obviously not :(.



  • In the material print settings
  • Material print settings?
  • Each material has its own print settings where you can specify the default print temperature.
    Open the manage material window (top right of cura window, the lil down arrow) in there select print settings tab and change temp.

  • Looks like you are slicing w/ a stand alone cura version, I am using the repetier host embedded version which is different than that.

  • Sry, yes that was for cura 3.1.

    In cura engine,you have 2 locations for E-temp.
    1. printer settings(cog wheel top right),printer tab.
    2.Slicer tab,then configuration button,(this opens a new window),now filament tab,print temp(this is the one that will be used in the G-code).
    You can save these settings in multiple configurations to use in the slicer.

  • yeah that's what I thought.  I just removed and readded the printer profile and now it follows temp properly.  Strangest thing it was stuck at  205C.  All other slickers w/in host worked fine.
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