ect not manifold. Print stopped, related?

The job stopped at layer 13.  I looked at the sliced layer and it looks fine and I never had a problem printing this w/ standalone cura,simply3D or the cura version for the IIIP (Maker Select, Wanhao duplicator i3).  I'm using the cura slicer embedded into repitier host and after telling it to fix these items it did not pause (Just went idle) in the same place although host still says the following after repair.  Should I just let it fix each of them even if they look ok to prevent this pause or was the pause unrelated?  I went ahead and removed line 1-13 from the gcode and just continued from the repaired gcode.  With that said even after it was done "repairing" them it still said they were not manifold.  I've include a pic of what I see post repair.  Again, the job printed fine after this repair but I don't know if the stopping of the job was because of it not being manifold for some reason or something else.  Looking at layers 0 to 14 (stopped at 13) everything looked manifold.


  • It's the stl that is non manifold. This has nothing to do with the gcode produced, except that it might be at wrong places due to non manifold.

    But if the sliced model shows it will extrude at position xy it should do so in real.

    When printe rpauses there is normally a communication problem and you shoudl analyse the log to find the reason. Normally it will continue after "timeout" seconds if it is a communication error.
  • ok thanks.  It just went idle, I dind't tink to look at the logs.

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