Possible to have webcam AND temp graph/status on main dashboard rather than tabs?

I've seen other images where this is the case but not for me in 0.86.2.  I have to use tabs to choose one or the other.



  • You can only see one of them Home screen has a switch right top to say you want webcam or graph. Works only with up to 4 printers. If you have more browsers would block the app since a webcam stream counts like a download and you can only have 6 in parallel.
  • yeah by tabs I meant those switches. What was your reasoning behind putting these in separate tabes?

  • That is not a tab just a switch, or we are talking about different buttons. I mean the two on home screen.
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    Best to just show you..  See attached
  • Ok, now I see what you mean. That empty space can get filled by more printer connected to same device. Therefore it does not get ocupied with extra data. You can go to printer for details. For next release we think we can add webcam to print info next to the image. At least for wide views.
  • Great thank you for the nice product.
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